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June 2019 - In progress
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What is Feedback Company
Feedback Company is a party that provides webshop owners with a tool to collect and manage reviews. Our customer portal is the place our users access to manage their reviews, get insights and invite their customers to leave new reviews.
Resources / time
This tool was developed in 2011 by an external party with very little eye for user experience or maintainable code both in the front and backend. The challenge for our team was to rebuild and redesign the whole portal, make it user-friendly and visually appealing thus improving business revenue and profit. We are currently doing this by gradually shipping small components and modules whilst making sure the current product would still be useable. Because of our limited resources, I had to make sure I designed the new interface without adding too many new features and limiting the impact on the backend.
Bit by bit
1. Understanding
With every page, I started listing all existing functionalities and creating a solid understanding of every tiny detail. We mapped the user flows and created personas to understand how our tool was being used. I did this in collaboration with our support department where I tried to find the biggest issues our customers were experiencing with our existing interfaces.
2. Low hanging fruit
Starting we would update and replace elements like typography, icons, components, and colors with our design system.
3. Low fidelity designs
With a solid understanding of the issues, functionalities, and requirements I started designing low fidelity pages. Not paying too much attention to the small details but proposing a bigger picture which we could start testing.
4. Testing prototypes
As quickly as possible I started building prototypes in Gathering early user feedback from both our users and co-workers. We tested on misclick rate, completion speed, and clarity. After each test, we would ask our participants for feedback.
4. High fidelity design
With the user data in mind, I would start solving the issues our testers were running into and started working on a more detailed high fidelity design. Some pages were quickly understood by our testers, other pages required multiple test rounds and iterations before the user experience was sufficient.
To be continued..
At this very moment we are gradually releasing and updating our portal for our customers.
This project is expected to be done early 2021.
If you’d like to know more about my other work at Feedback Company, let me know!
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